• Do you really know
    where your expired

    equipment is?

    Do you really know
    where your expired

    HVAC equipment is?

    A leader in HVAC equipment recycling, AES Reclaim turns our clients’ mechanical liabilities into assets. We document our 100% cradle-to-grave recycling process through our customized Landfill Avoidance Report™ that categorizes just what you’re saving, including the environment. Reclaim peace of mind, and profit from sustainability measures. Specify AES Reclaim for HVAC replacement.

AES Experience

Global sustainability awareness has grown throughout the construction industry. Multi-building owners and large users of mechanical equipment are now reviewing their individual companies’ impact on the environment, realizing that their programs for reduced carbon emissions from upgrading HVAC equipment have created landfill waste – with an astonishing footprint from their mechanical systems.  

An even bigger issue for these large users of equipment: They had no idea how and where their expired HVAC equipment was being disposed.  This meant exposure to potential liability, with no way to document their equipment’s final disposal, let alone its environmental impact.

AES Industries, leveraging its national manufacturing location footprint as well as experience in the HVAC replacement industry, embarked on a mission to create a national mechanical equipment recycling program. This program would not only provide clients with 100% cradle-to-grave documentation and EPA certification for the recycling of end-of-life equipment, but also provide value through refrigerant recovery and a unique managed inventory of certified reusable service parts.

The result of those efforts is AES Reclaim.


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