• Avoid the landfill

    And profit
    from A refill!

    Avoid the landfill

    And profit from
    A refill!

    There’s value in your expired HVAC and refrigeration equipment. However, leaving it to be disposed of as part of your mechanical project requirements leaves your company exposed to potential liability, with no way to identify the value of your retired assets. Specify AES Reclaim to maximize your financial returns while certifying that your liabilities have been 100% sustainably recycled.

Case Studies

In 2007, a Walmart executive was contacted by a remote farmer who had discovered an issue on his property. A large piece of Walmart signage ended up on his property and he wanted it removed. This event sparked a question for the large global retailer: “Where is all our construction waste going and what level of liability do we have out there?” That question initiated an in-depth investigation into all construction and renovation waste streams for Walmart.


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