• We don’t make “Green” Cool,

    We make
    Cool, Green!

    We don’t make “Green” Cool,

    We make Cool,

    AES Reclaim helps make being an environmental steward profitable! Through our documented HVAC and refrigeration recycling service, we recover thousands of pounds of R22 refrigerant and recycle thousands of units annually, while providing documented peace of mind that your retired mechanical assets have been 100% sustainably recycled at no cost – and with a cash positive return!

Our Process

At AES Reclaim, there’s a lot that goes into our process of reclaiming and recycling HVAC equipment – but we make it simple for our customers. Our EPA Universal Certified Technicians have the experience and expertise to provide your company sustainability measures – such as refrigerant banking and 100% cradle-to-grave documentation and liability release – for the peace of mind that your liabilities have been retired and recycled properly.

Equipment Transportation coordinated and covered by AES RECLAIM
  • Equipment transported to one of our four national recycling centers.
  • AES Reclaim organizes all transportation for your projects and coordinates with your selected mechanical contractor.
  • Your contractors just ready the equipment and place on our truck and we take it from there!
  • Transportation is part of the service and free of charge to our clients.
Refrigerant Recovery handled by AES RECLAIM
  • EPA Universal Certified Technician removes refrigerant and documents by unit and circuit and amount for a more complete record keeping of your assets.
  • AES Reclaim coordinates refrigerant banking with your chosen national refrigerant supplier or provides a rebate to client for its collected value.
All components are 100% recycled and documented by AES RECLAIM
  • Documented cradle to grave release of liability for clients.
  • Equipment disposal record (EDR) created for each unit upon arrival at one of our nationwide AES Reclaim recycling centers. (EDR includes customer, model, serial, city, state, and refrigerant)
  • EPA Universal Certified Technicians survey each unit for reusable service parts before beginning the equipment recycling process.
  • Technicians break down the entire unit and separate the materials for proper recycling.
  • EDR information is uploaded electronically for customer documentation and is the client’s assurance that they have 100% cradle to grave liability release.
AES REUSE provides managed inventory of desired replacement parts.
  • Parts requested by customer for service replacement needs.
  • Parts less than 2 years age are viable cost avoidance options.
  • Coordinated and managed for customer with documented inventory.
  • Tremendous cost avoidance opportunity through service part reuse.
AES RECLAIM Landfill Avoidance Report
  • Documented information of our clients sustainability initiatives.
  • Provides complete record of all refrigerants, oils, metals and components harvested.
  • Documented by customer, project, and unit.
  • Quarterly and annual reporting provided to our clients and accessible through our website customer information portal.


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